(Last Updated On: April 16, 2018)

Unique Gift Ideas for People Who Are Obsessed with Their Pets

Do you have someone in your life who is completely head-over-heels for their pet? If so, this gift list is for you! Here are ten of the most unique gift ideas for your favorite pet lover.

1. Recipe in a Jar

We’ve all seen those cookie-mix-in-a-jar gifts near the holidays. Why not make homemade pet-treat-mix-in-a-jar? Practical, unique, and more affordable than grocery store biscuits.

2. An Outdoor Oasis

The newest pet-craze for 2018 is the catio. A catio is an outdoor room where little lions can practice their primal instincts outdoors by stalking the local songbirds from the safety of a gilded cage. This gift is also scalable to be ideal for other critters, ranging in size from a gerbil to a Great Dane.

3. A Treat Cam

Let pet-mom-guilt (or dad-guilt) be a thing of the past. With an app-controlled treat cam, owners can video call their pet and offer them a snack anytime from anywhere.

4. Give Their Pet a Break

Dog-walking services have popped up all over the US so gift your friend’s pup a welcome break during the day.

5. Pet Portraits

Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and other craft-friendly shops are full of artists just waiting to give your pet-obsessed bestie a picture-perfect portrait of their furbaby.

6. Bling

Unique jewelry comes in every shade and whatever shape, breed, or creed their domestic might be, you can get a necklace, ring, or cufflink to match for their enthusiastic owner.

7. Man, er, Pet Cave

Pet caves are a cozy enclosure designed for cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, and any other nestle-loving critter. Elevate their pet’s bed (and keep Fido out of his owner’s bed) and everyone wins.

8. A Paw Print

Want a gift that will be loved almost as much as their pet is? Give a custom art piece of their best beast’s paw (or claw).

9. Pet-Themed Clothes

For every crazy pet-lover comes that perfect t-shirt just as crazy as they are. Find it. Buy it. Gift it.

10. Action Figure Fluffy

3D printing is the future, and today you can take advantage of this pricey (and priceless) technological advancement and give your pet-frenzied friend something truly original; their own action figure. Available in select cities, your friend and their smaller companion will step into a 3D scanner, their scans are rendered and processed then a short time later an action figure is born!