Preliminary tasks

First things first. Before bringing this cute little creature home, make sure you have created a habitat, a comfortable home for the pet.

For that, you require some toys as distraction as these are immensely playful creatures. As a general rule, ensure this habitat is

· Away from any window so the body temperature can be constantly regulated.

· Not too up in the air, because they can hardly jump more than half a foot and get hurt if they jump from a table or stairs. Keep them safe.

· In a calm area away from dogs and cats.

· Stuffed with toys and high quality hay which they use for nesting and snacking.

Cuddle time

After setting up their habitat, you are ready to bring them home. They are very sensitive animals and need regular cuddling. Try talking to them in a nice smooth tone. Don’t worry if they don’t respond initially.

Give them some time to get accustomed to the new place. You will soon see them cheerful and playing in their home.

Gently stoke your furry friends on the head as a reassurance of your friendship. They love it.

Feeding a guinea pig

Feeding time

Feed your guinea pigs with lots of greens like cabbage and kale. They require a lot of Vitamin C for good health. You can give them specially marketed guinea pig food too.

Try adding fruits to their meals such as melons and apples. However, make sure you remove the seeds. They are toxic!

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Clean them up

Proper cleaning of the habitat and grooming of your pet is a daily requirement. These creatures love to stay neat and clean and make lots of effort for self grooming with their claws and teeth.

But they require brushing and combing from your side. You need to clean their bedding and toilet daily. Hay should be changed on a daily bases. The water bottle and sipper need cleaning to prevent growth of bacteria and algae.



Guinea pigs are very prone to eye problems so you need to ensure their bedding is free from dust. They catch a foot swollen disease, Bumble foot, which is in most instances as a result of the caretaker’s negligence.

Dirty bedding is the cause. Take care to give them enough fibrous food to avoid dental problems. Don’t feed them too much out of love; obesity is another common health problem your pet might suffer from.

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To be in contact with vet on a regular basis is important because they might get skin problems often.


Training and entertainment

Allow them to run indoors with all the doors closed under supervision. It is good for their health. They are happy animals and love to play. They will love to make a friendly relationship with you. You talk to them and they will respond. Your children will definitely love this pet as they can run around and play like family.


Pair them

Another thing you can do is to have a happy pair at home. Make sure you have the same sex pigs. They will be very elated to have a partner.