Taking care of dogs

How to take care of pet dogs

Man’s best friend? Well, it’s a dog with out a shadow of the doubt. Dogs have been companions of mankind since far back in history. Ask a dog lover about her dog and she will talk to you about the dog as if it were one of her children.

Literally, dogs as pets are not only adored but also cherished as a family member for most of us. One factor which all dog fanatics are aware of is the life expectancy of dog.The average life expectancy of the dog is about 8 years and goes to the maximum of 14 years.

When compared to human life expectancy one single year of a dog’s is said to be equivalent to 7 human years, hence when the dog’s age reaches 9 the dog has lived 63 years from the human perspective. The following are some significant points you should pursue a holistic approach to your dog’s health when he is at 63.

Appreciate your dog


Check his nails on a periodic basis of about 2 to 5 days. At this age, the nails tend to grow faster than before and if not trimmed will cripple your dog’s movements.

The worst part is if your house has marble or plain wooden flooring the abounding nails will only aggravate his pains and may paralyze him eventually. Veterinary assistance is mandatory and under no circumstances try your luck with trimming your dog’s nails.


I have seen a lot of people eventually abandon their dogs of old age because of tics, which compulsively keep coming back and get inside your house hold belongings as well as carpets and mattresses.

Though a hard decision, my advice is to take extra care and precaution, hunt for a new veterinarian if the existing one does not seem to procure prudent results for your dog’s health.

Shampoo him with the best anti tick products available in the market. You can also cage the dog in his kennel outside in the garden lest the situation becomes serious. Abandoning your dog is not a remedy for the problem, you would not abandon your loved ones if they were ill, would you?

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Spend some time with your dog. When he was young it didn’t matter a lot as he was hyper and could entertain himself. Now in his old age, your dog requires more attention and love as his vigor around the house will be reduced due to his degrading health.


If you have a Great Dane then there is absolutely no problem at all, but if you are in possession of a German Spitz you need to be more focused on your dog’s hair.

At this age dogs start losing hair, so the best advice would be to regularly comb him with a soft bristled brush, lightly and keep him away from sweets or sugar oriented eatables as veterinarians believe that sugar is the major cause for hair loss in dogs.


Your dog’s vaccinations and boosters are still significant because his immune system has worn down with age and is more prone to diseases than ever before.


Exercise is still a potent determinant of your dog’s health. Though his stamina has decreased, whatever remains still needs to be preserved and revitalized so that his metabolism is maintained even at his old age.


Enrich his diet with lots of calcium and iron; he requires them for his aged bones and his failing health. Your dog’s best chances of survival are with an optimal balanced diet.