How to take care of your pet cat

Are you a new cat owner? Thinking about becoming one? Below you are going to learn how to take care of your pet cat.

Before you go out and get a pet cat, you will need to make sure that you get your home ready for your new pet. The first thing to do is to make sure that you are allowed to have cats where you live, due to most rental properties not allowing pets and if they do, there is usually an extra deposit needed.

Another thing is to ask family, friends, or anyone who regularly comes to your house if they have any allergies to cats. Lastly, if you have other animals, you may want to see how they react to cats before bringing one in your home. This will help you avoid having to return your pet cat. 

Preparing Your Home For Your Cat

You will need to find a place in your house to place your cat's litter box. Make sure this place is away from living areas of the house and small children because it will cause smell and diseases if not properly cared after. Another thing you may want to do is put up any vases or other breakable objects.

Cats love to play and climb, which will cause them to possibly knock over those items. Please hide electrical cords because some cats like to chew on the wires, which can lead to them causing a fire or electrocution.

Items Needed For Your New Cat

Now that you have your house ready for your new cat, lets talk about what you will need. Below are a list of items recommended for a new cat owner.

- Water and Food Bowels

- Collar with ID tags.

- Litter box and Kitty Litter

- Bedding 
- Scratching Posts/Toys

- Cat Carrier

- Grooming Equipment

Taking Care of Your Pet Cat

Now that you have all the supplies you will need, it's time to learn about how to take care of your pet cat. Your cat needs to be keep inside for proper health and safety.

Outside cats can bring in diseases, get pregnant, and cause behavioral changes unwanted by the owner. Next, you will need to get your pet cat spayed or nurtured. This has many benefits and prevents more unwanted kittens in the world.

You can get your cat fixed for cheap and sometimes even free depending on your local animal services. You will want to take your cat to the vet annually for proper check ups and vaccinations to prevent sickness and disease.

It is good to brush your cats teeth ever so often to help with breath and teeth health. You will need to scoop out your cat's litter box once a day and change it completely once a week.

Interacting With Your Cat

How to treat your cat is essential to having a happy relationship with your pet. Cats love to be scratched, with every cat having his or her favorite spot.

Learning these spots and scratching/petting your cat regularly from the start will help your cat become more social not only to you but to others.

Cats love mental and physical stimulation and need it to stay happy. Getting ping-pong balls and maybe even putting up a bird feeder outside a window can offer hours of stimulation.