caring for snail

How to take care of a pet snail

As compared to other pets, snails are friendly and low maintenance animals. For them to stay healthy, they need a diet filled with healthy vegetables and minerals and a moist environment. Since they enjoy company, you need to get more than one.

If you care for your snails well and keep them in a comfortable home, they can remain healthy for many years. Here are some top tips for pet snail care.

Look for a plastic container or tank

Although a snail can stay in a variety of containers you need to look for a translucent container with enough space and plenty of ventilation for it to explore and roam around. Make sure the lid locks or fits well.

A translucent and clear container will work perfectly well. However, before building the habitat, use some detergent and boiled water to wash it and then rinse it well. Try to avoid cardboard or wooden containers since they can easily rot.

Use substrate to cover the bottom of the container

Some of the popular substrates that you may use include coir, peat, humus, potting soil among others. However, you need to avoid using rocks, pebbles, shells or anything that’s a bit hard for them.

Regularly change the substrate

To keep the place clean and healthy you need to regularly change the substrate at least once a week. You also need to change it if it looks dirty or it’s completely socked.


Just like any other pets, snails need enough ventilation. Avoid using an airtight container. If you are using a plastic container, you need to poke some holes at the top and cover them with a mosquito net.

This will ensure that pests such as earwigs and flies are kept out and your snails are secure and safe.

Add some features to the container

Since snails like to crawl, hide and explore. You, therefore, need to make sure that they are happy by including some objects that they can climb.

However, try to avoid hard objects such heavy stone and ceramics since snails can easily slip and damage their shells. Choose things such as plant pot, organic materials, shallow water dish, wooden sticks, and branches.

Handling the snail

Although handling snails is fine always ensure that your hands are clean before holding them. Also, make sure you take care of the snails and supervise the children. This is because you can easily get sick if you eat snails.

Cleaning the tank and giving your snail a bath

First, you need to move the snail to a different habitat. Next, wash the tank using a boiled water and some detergent. You also need to wash your snail at least once a month.

However, while doing this do not fully submerge it. Do not use detergent to wash your snail. Also, take care of the temperature. The temperature should be within a range of 64-86 degrees farenheit.


Snails mostly feed on veggies and fruits. You, therefore, need to add a food bowl to your container. This will make it easy to clean the tank. Before giving them the food make sure you wash it. Remember, many veggies and fruits come with pesticides. Since snails require calcium, you also need to add some crushed egg cells and a bit of cuttlefish.

Provide a water dish

Although this is not important snails still enjoy drinking and bathing regularly. It’s, therefore, important to choose a shallow water dish that will allow them to get in and out easily. Avoid using one that’s deep since this might make them drawn.

Well, those are some of the key tips for pet snail care. By taking care of the temperature, habitat, and the food your nail will definitely live for long.