We provide pet lovers and
their pets with Amazing Care veterinary
services, Astounding Value pet supplies online and in-store,
and truly Awesome Service – each & every day.

So here’s to the snugglers, the cuddlers and those big
gooey eyes. The Waggers, the Purrers & the
Chirpers. Here’s to the independent, the runners and
those permanent sleepy heads. The long-eared listeners,
the hairy houdinis and those wet nosed alarm clocks.

We know them all. Their quirks, their perks and their
funny faces. The way their eyes light up when they
see you (yes, even the cats). We know all those moments
when they are happy, sad, hungry or playful. The way
they are so pleased to see you at the end of a long day.

They are more than just our pets, they are our furry,
feathery and leathery family members. That’s why we
created Love That Pet. Because we want to be there to
provide you and your furry family members
with Amazing Care, Astounding Value and Awesome
Service each and every day.

Amazing Care starts with pet advice you can
trust. Whether you visit one of our Wellness Campuses or browse
our online pet care articles, you’ll receive reliable advice
from vets and pet care experts. If you have a
question about your pet, we are only ever a tap, click or call

Astounding Value means helping you find
the right pet supplies online and in store, and helping you get
the best from them. Whether you are looking for premium
dog food[1] or
cat food[2], a
new toy for your furry friend, or the best flea treatment, we
only choose products that we genuinely believe are ‘best in
class’ and are recommended by our vets. All our pricing is
standard, regardless of whether you order in person or online –
bringing you exceptional savings and convenience for all your
pet care needs.

Awesome Service starts and ends with a smile.
From the moment you walk through our doors or place your order
online, we give you
a ‘Wow’ customer


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